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Encounter Japhet Creek

Branding, Environmental



Branding, Environmental

Meeting Points on Buffalo Bayou


Encounter: Meeting Points on Buffalo Bayou; a series of

six installations by students from the University of Houston Graphic Design program, sited along Buffalo Bayou’s east sector. Each installation will express an interpretation of the history, economy, resilience, culture or community values of the East End and Fifth Ward. The event affords visitors the opportunity to share ideas and opinions related to future plans along the bayou and green spaces.

This project is in collaboration with: Linh Hoang,

Lucia Delgado, Vianey Torres, Isaac Sanchez.

Design, production,

and fabrication 

Japhet Creek

Japhet Creek was a dumping ground during the 1920’s

and 1930’s. For decades the neighborhood's community 

fought to protect Japhet Creek and helped it become the community park it is today. The aspect of nature and industrialization weaving together is an essential

part of Japhet Creek's story.


Inspired by Japhet Creek’s history and its community, our team repurposed on-site and recycled materials to create the following: a beacon (made with a repurposed shipping container),a seating area (made with donated wooden spools and pallets), and a series of markers (made with old metal pipes and steel sheets) set along the park's nature trail. The goal was to attract new visitors — giving them a chance to learn a little bit more about the site's history 

and to share what they experienced as they walked through the park.

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